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The "Long Cat" Plush Meme Explained

Who Was Long Cat & Where Did She Come From?

In the vast landscape of the internet, few have achieved the legendary status and enduring adoration as long cat. With her stretched-out, fuzzy belly, and captivating charm, long cat captured the hearts of millions.

From her humble beginnings as an image board phenomenon to becoming a symbol of internet culture, long cat's journey has left an undeniable mark on meme history.

Join us as we embark on a journey through time, paying tribute to the internet idol, long cat, and the delightful long cat plush incarnation that keeps her spirit alive.

Origin of the Long Cat Meme

Original long cat meme photo by Japanese photographer Noboru Takahashi

Original Long Cat Photo by Japanese photographer Noboru Takahashi

The original photo is said to be taken by a Japanese photographer named Noboru Takahashi from Saitama, Japan in the early 2000s. He initially shared the now-famous long cat photo on his website, which, at the time, was a small personal site dedicated to his photography and artwork. The meme quickly became popular on Japanese image boards: users began adding silly captions and editing the image to make it even longer (which I personally find hilarious).

  • An image board is an online platform for users to share a discuss images within specific topic-based threads

One of the most prominent Japanese imageboards where the long cat meme gained traction was 2chan: a popular anonymous image board created in 1999.

Rise of the Long Cat on Social Media

Tacgnol vs. Long cat

Tacgnol vs. Long Cat (Tacgnol is the evil version of long cat) - Know Your Meme

2chan allows users to post and discuss various topics, including anime, manga, technology and video games. The long cat quickly became a beloved meme on 2chan, where she was known as "nobiiru" which means "stretch", inspiring countless variations and spinoffs such as the long cat plush. The long cat meme eventually made its way to English-speaking websites like 4chan: another anonymous image board created in 2003.

Long cat gained popularity on 4chan and then spread to social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. He quickly became a staple of internet culture and gained a loyal fan base.

Our Favorite Long Cat Memes

Here's some of our favorite long cat inspired photos and memes!

Long cat snowman

Long Cat Snowman

I love this picture - it captures two classic things perfectly: long cat and snowmen!

Long cat godzilla rampage

Long Cat - Godzilla

From long cat's dead stare to the newspaper cut-out style terrified people, this image is perfect.

Long cat computer tribute

Long Cat Computer Tribute

I feel like this image perfectly showcases how much influence long cat had on people, definitely a banger.

Long Cat Internet Meme Icon, Dies at Age 18

Like all great things, even long cat had to come to an end. The meme icon passed away September 20th, 2020 at age 18. According to the cat's owner, they found long cat lying around lethargically and immediately took her to the vet. She was too weak to undergo x-rays and passed away around 2 PM local time. Long cat was an internet legend and will truly be missed by all.

The Legacy Lives On: Long Cat Plush and Other Iconic Spin-Offs

Happy customer with their long cat plush

"It's awesome! Huge and cuddly, my bf loves it also!" - Tess A.

The long cat's popularity has led to the creation of various spin-offs and products that celebrate long cat's enduring charm. Our favorite one being the long cat plush, which has captivated fans worldwide. We loved it so much, we came out with our very own rendition!

The long cat plush is a soft and huggable version of the iconic meme. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it faithfully captures the glorious essence of the long cat. With sizes over 50 inches, we can't help but recommend it.

If you want get your very own long cat tribute, you can get them right now on our store for 20% off!

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