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The Ruff Roller - 2 in 1 Pet Hair Remover

The Ruff Roller - 2 in 1 Pet Hair Remover

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Stop Using Cheap Lint Rollers!

Works on ALL surfaces, even your clothing

Electrostatic brush that pulls up pet hair like a magnet

Reusable and recyclable, never buy a lint roller again

Works GREAT on your Laundry


 Fuzzy Couch? No Problem

Using innovative electrostatic technology, The Ruff Roller effortlessly picks up the dog and cat fur like it's a magnet, without even requiring a battery or power source. Simply swipe the roller back and forth on the surface you wish to clean and voila! 

Use it in the Car!

With The Ruff Roller, you can let your dog sleep in the bed, lay on the couch, or even go for a ride in the car with ZERO WORRIES about the furry mess they'll leave behind.

Open, Empty, Repeat

It's really that easy and efficient. After you've finished using the roller, simply pop the lid off, remove all the fur or dust, and you're ready to roll again.

Use it on The Go!

2 in 1 Functionality

The Ruff Roller also features a pop-out lint roller on the bottom of the detachable handle, great for travel!

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    Designed for Safety

    Designed for security and comfort, the Puppy Pack delivers a worry-free adventure experience. It's a dog backpack created by experts that lets you bring your pets anywhere. If your dog suffers from arthritis or any mobility issues, this is a great way to get him out and about!

    Features and Benefits:

    Lifetime warranty

    Interior safety harness

    Fully adjustable

    Wear it on both your chest or back

    Great for biking

    Good for long hikes

    Dual side pockets

    • Pet Patrons Happiness Guarantee

      Happiness Guarantee

      All our products come with a happiness guarantee. If you're not as happy with it as we are, you can send it back, and we'll issue a full refund!

    All Your Questions Answered

    How Do I Use It?

    The Puppy Pack is extra easy to use. To start, unzip the top half of the backpack and get your dog in a sitting position. Then lift him up and gently place him inside the bag. Once you've connected your dog's collar to the safety harness, you can close the bag and use the drawstring to adjust the opening.

    Refer to the GIF at the top of the page, or shoot us a message if you need help!

    What Are the Shipping Times Like?

    If you're in the US/Europe, shipping will take around 5 to 14 days.

    If you're in Asea/Oceania, shipping will take a little over 2 weeks.

    We're currently offering free shipping on all orders, so don't miss out!

    What Is the Refund Policy?

    We offer a Happiness Guarantee, which is essentially a lifetime warranty. If for any reason you decide you don't like what you ordered, you can get a full refund for any reason within 30 days. If anything you bought ever falls apart or stops working, you can get a full refund at any time.